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Fertilizing your yard is one of the best steps you can take to maintain the best looking lawn on your block.  However, finding quality fertilizer and applying it safely can be a hassle and that's where we come in. We provide a fertilizing program that begins in April to bring your lawn to life after winter and continues through October to prepare it for the end of the season. We can also provide you with a package tailored to your lawns personal needs.

lawn with yellow dandelion weeds


Fall Foliage on the ground

Keep your lawn healthy year round! Leaves and debris can smother your lawn in the winter and disrupt it in the spring. Cleaning up your yard can be extremely time consuming - until you give us a call! Whether it is just a general clean-up or a deep cleaning, our crews are ready to clear out your yard of leaves or any other things mother nature has left behind.


Everything that is cleaned up is bagged and hauled away to the compost site, so you do not have to worry about a thing.

Man mowing the lawn with yellow lanwn mower


Let us take care of your lawn so you can enjoy the beautiful Minnesota weather. Our professional lawn mowing crews ensure that the grass is cut right the first time. Any areas that can not be reached by our mowers are hand trimmed to perfection. 


We offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing, which include weed whipping and blowing of grass clippings to get every corner of your yard looking great!


Aerating the lawn stimulates growth by loosening the soil, allowing nutrients and water to reach the roots of your grass. This helps thicken and improve your grass growth, giving you the beautiful, healthy lawn your neighbors will envy!


We recommend aerating your lawn at least once a year (or depending on how much thatch buildup there is). After aerating, we recommend overseeding the lawn. Overseeding after aeration gives your lawn a better chance of soil-to-seed contact for greater seed growth.

aeration illustration showing before and after aeration. Aeration will increase law density
close up of wet grass


For greener, thicker grass, we recommend overseeding after power raking or aerating. This gives the newly planted seeds a better chance for soil-to-seed contact, which stimulates growth. After seeding it is highly recommended to make sure your lawn is watered gently over the next few weeks. Keeping your lawn hydrated once to twice a day keeps the soil moist, allowing the seeds to grow efficiently.

This is a great add-on service to make sure you've got a beautiful green lawn!


Your home's landscaping and trees are not only an asset but are the first thing visitors and neighbors see. Keep your shrubs, hedges, plants and trees healthy and beautiful with our trimming & pruning services. You will not only increase their lifespan and appearance, but you will lower your chances of damaging your home during a storm.


Protect your biggest investment and keep your exterior looking great with our trimming & pruning services!

man trimming shrubs
Water Sprinkler close up


Prevent cracking, breaking or leaking pipes by winterizing your sprinkler system in the fall. We will ensure all excess water has been removed to avoid damage. In the spring, we will start it up again and ensure it works properly, saving you time and giving you peace of mind!


Keeping our customers happy is our #1 priority

“My lawn was cut, trimmed and cleaned nicely at the promised time. The job was well done with a very reasonable price."

—  Jingen L.

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