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Designing a beautiful landscape takes effort and planning, and we are ready to help you craft an outdoor space that fits your lifestyle and family! Landscaping not only adds curb appeal, but can even increase the value of your property. Whether it's simple or complex, nothing makes us more proud than turning your landscaping dreams into reality!


At Ortiz Lawn & Landscaping, we offer a variety of landscaping services at an affordable price and we offer free estimates for any service!

Outdoor stone patio with bonfire pit


An excellent touch to a home is a patio that invites friends and family to visit and relax. What's better than an beautiful patio in the summertime? A bonfire pit for s'mores and late nights gazing at the stars! No matter what style of patio you choose, we can make it happen.


Installing new rock or mulch, or simply refreshing it, can make a big difference in your landscape, but can also be a daunting task during the short summer months. Let us save you time! We will install or refresh and make sure that it is done right to avoid weed growth. We also have a large variety of rock and mulch and we can help you select the best type for your needs.

left side displays mulch, right side landscaping rock
retaining wall with landscaping


Whether you have a large hill that your tired of mowing or just want to upgrade the overall look of your backyard, retaining walls are an amazing addition to any home. Freestanding walls are also good for having specific areas for entertaining and offer openings to the yard. We can help you decide on specific ideas and the best way to approach that area based on your needs!


residential lawn


red brick pavers in herringbone pattern


edging wth orange flowers

Keeping our customers happy is our #1 priority

“My lawn was cut, trimmed and cleaned nicely at the promised time. The job was well done with a very reasonable price."

—  Jingen L.

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